History. Take it personally! – Joanna Wojdyło, Emigration Museum (PL)

Main Room - 1st Floor June 6, 2016 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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Joanna Wojdyło, Emigration Museum in Gdynia (PL)

History. Take it personally!

What ever happened in the past belongs in the past? Sometimes it’s better so. But when it comes to launching a new history museum that’s not the attitude that helps much. Why history matters today? What difference that we make to people’s life? Why should they care?

In May 2015 the first Emigration Museum  opened in Poland. Its interactive exhibition is one of the most innovative at home. Telling the story of millions of Polish emigrants is an interesting case of connecting the local to global approach in the communication strategy. Consequently, not only Polish media announced the museum opening but so did the Daily Mail (UK) and the New York Times (US). The National Geographic also ranked Emigration Museum in Gdynia among the five most interesting Polish museums.

Joanna Wojdyło will talk about the backstage of communication strategy and the process of building community around the institution. How to engage, give people reason to talk, think and feel. So that they feel part of the museum even before its opening.